I’m sorry… Not really. About respect.

To the people that sent me hate messages. This letter is written with anger. Just so you know.

I like this image. This person, if I should see them, I would tell them that I like the shirt. I wouldn’t doubt she gets a lot of hate from people. Hell, just SHARING the IMAGE got me some hate. Got a friend some hate. And we were just sharing an image of a bold person.

I, myself, am not you.

I’m sorry my agreement with this shirt offends you.

I’m sorry I lost your respect. Until recently, you had mine.

I’m sorry my belief scares you. Your belief doesn’t scare me.

I’m sorry my opinions are not right. Your opinions were different, not wrong.

I’m sorry my thoughts hurt you. Other people’s thoughts empower me.

I’m sorry I am different and not a clone of you. I wouldn’t want a clone of myself.

I hold my values in pride, and reserved. I’m sorry you need to force your values on others.

This woman, in that image, has my respectagreement, and my support. I already know by your messages, the people that sent me hate mail, that she doesn’t have your respectagreement, and your support.

Who gave you the right to tell me who I am, what I believe, how I think. Who the hell gave you the power to condemn me?

There’s one person, that I got in an argument. They ran. I decided to give them a second chance. They were pushy in the religious sector, on every visit. Two things that I hate in a person. The religious pushy person, and a runner. A person that runs when there is a problem. Yet, one, ONE time I share, and support something, and they run. Again.

If you can’t support me, even as an individual; who is different than you, then so be it, I suppose. I can’t make you, and I won’t ask you to. I’d kindly ask, that you tell me you can’t support me, and we can drift apart in our own directions. I believe it for the best, that we part ways.

My agreement with this image, caused me to lose your respect? Then, did I really ever truly have it to begin with?