Step Project
A PHP project

PHP coded, Text based, game using HTML, CSS, SQL, and PHP for display, storage, and organization of data.

This project is currently being developed by one person, myself.

This game you build up your empire, and train your citizens into different parts of your army to boost your military powers. The player with the averaged highest powers wins the round.

Plans are for the game to be self maintaining in the aspect of Round reset, turn distribution, and citizen awards.

A Unity Arena Brawler.

You’re trapped in an arena, with a seemingly never ending supply of enemies trying to kill you. You kill, or be killed. There is a merchant in this arena?! He doesn’t seem bothered by you being attacked, and is willing to sell things to you?! What is going on? You want to survive…. Because who wants to die? You kill, and get stronger, and the enemies just don’t know when to stop showing up.

This is my first Unity Project. I’d like it to be something that I could finalize into the Android store or publish onto a game distribution system, like Steam, or a web based system like Kongregate.