Shadow Wars

This is the story, tragedy, and appearance of Raven Shiverclawe, and Shade Ironfang.

This story will mainly follow Raven Shiverclawe through his life. Jumping to and from Shade Ironfang on occasion.

With recent reappearance of Avril!

This story is a Pardus Fan fiction of a player’s character, and how they progressed through the game. Its not official fiction of the game, nor should it be considered so.

  • Raven’s childhood overview.
  • Raven and Shade in boot camp.
  • First years of service to the Federation.
  • Assignment at the Lab.
  • Lab needs patients.
  • Memory wipe?!
  • Pre-Collapse.
  • Aftermath. Shade’s anger.
  • Separation of Raven and Shade.