Raven is enjoying a night off at the local bar, it’s a large bar, in the shape of a squared off horse shoe. He’s sitting at the far end opposite of the door, able to watch who comes and goes from the bar. There’s a commotion between the bar, and the billiard tables, two women seem to be having a one way heated conversation.

“What ish a monshter like you,” a drunken pause, “doing here in this placsh for humans?” ask a drunk woman in such a loud voice, that nearly the entire bar looks over to see what is going on. The woman is heavier set, older person, very clearly upset that a hybrid was allowed into the establishment. She has an outreached arm, pointing at the so called monster. “Get out of here already! What are you waiting for, shoo freak!”

The woman being pointed at, is in her late twenties, early thirties, jet-black and blue hair, a fair complexion, athletic body, average height. She has a horn jutting up from the right side of her forehead, one that Raven has seen as big as hers before, though he’s used to seeing hybrids, its part of his job right now.
Raven sips the last of the whiskey in his third glass of the night. He sets it down and walks over to the woman pointing at the hybrid, and faces her [the hybrid], he places his had on top of the drunken woman’s hand, slowly forcing it downwards.

“Miss, do you mind if I ask you a few questions about your heritage?” he asks in a gentle but firm voice, directed towards the hybrid.

Without looking up beyond where she has to, she replies nervously with a stammer, “Yes, okay.”

“I’m going to refer to you in two halves, a human half, and a non-human half. I’d like to ask about the conflicts they have, “ Raven states, without waiting for a response he gives his first question “Has your non-human side ever wanted to kill some one?”

Everyone’s eyes widen, the hybrid’s in fear, everyone else’s at the sheer astonishment that Raven would ask such a direct question. “Yes, yes my demon half has wanted that, but… “ she attempts to defend and explain herself, only to have Raven ask another question.

“Your human half stops that desire from happening, you struggle each day with thoughts like that, right?” Raven asks, as he forces the drunk woman’s hand even lower.
Shame can be heard in the hybrid’s voice now, like she’s be caught doing something criminal, “Yes, sir.”

Raven places a hand on the hybrid’s left shoulder, and walks around her, placing his chin on her right shoulder, he glances up at her horn, he keeps his left hand on her shoulder, and runs a finger across her horn with his other hand.

“Then you aren’t a monster, because, “he extends a hand towards the drunk woman, “monster’s give into their desires, and you haven’t done that,” as he finishes his sentence, his voice grows fierce and menacing, his hand turns into spear, that races towards the woman that was yelling earlier, piercing her arm, causing her to scream.

“To any one else, that thinks that monster are born horns, tails, or fangs, you’re wrong. The worst monsters are created in labs, they’re fed hatred and anger. This girl is a girl, a human born with a horn. I was born a Human, and I would rather watch people suffer in pain, and watch them die, this girl has more humanity than I do, and more self control than I will ever exhibit. I am a monster. Not this girl.” He withdraws his hand from the drunk woman’s arm, and let’s go of the hybrid, he places a great sum of cash on the counter of the bar, a very small portion of it actually covering his tab.


Luna's and Sol's

I am of the darkness. I was born to spread anger, and despair, to give sadness and fear. I am Sol.

Sol suffers from self hatred, and anger towards others. Depression is his closest friend, and worst enemy. His lack of subtly creates fear in others. Sol, the child of dark feelings, and fights to preserve what Lunar would otherwise destroy.

I am of the light. I was born out of joy and happiness, pleasure and delight. I cast all this off, I am Lunar.

Lunar wants all the happiness and joy to himself, he sees no one worthy of having such pleasures in life. He kills any who seem happy and joyous with their life. Lunar, the child of light, wishes to keep all the light to himself, casting darkness on every one else. Everyone is a target, no one is safe from the craze of his cracked sanity.

Luna’s and Sol’s

The Sunrise


Its a dark starry night, the moon has already set hours ago, most everybody is sleeping in this little village we’re in tonight.

A silver-haired woman is taking her daily walk, she takes it just before the sun rises, its the coolest then, and she enjoys the temperature.

She walks down the main road of town, heading out of town, to where traders would set up, if it were that time of year for traders to be near.

She walks to this point before sun rise, and on her way back, the sun rises, as if to give her chase. She’s shorter than your average person, thinner too.

Her long silver-hair held together with a single hair bow at the nape of her neck, flowing down to her lower back. She’s young, mid twenties if one had to guess.

As she approaches the trading area, she sees a man who appears to be growing and shrinking. As she gets closer, she realizes, that he isn’t growing and shrinking, but that he’s floating, as if he has a pair of flapping wings that keep him floating above the ground. She walks up behind this floating being, not unsettled by the fact that he is about two feet off the ground.

“What brings you out here on this night?” she asks the man.

He looks over his shoulder, almost laying down, to look at her, and then looks back at the horizon again.

“I came to watch the sunrise,” he says, as the first beams of light cut across the dark sky, bringing warmth with it.

They stand there together, watching the sun rise over the horizon, as the beams start to touch the ground, and run across her face, she looks at him, to see that the light makes him vanish. “The sun and I don’t exactly get along.” he says.

He starts to dissipate of his own accord, and with an echoing voice surrounding her, “It was nice seeing you again, Luna.”

She bares a smile, and begins her walk back to town, back to her home.

The Sunrise