I’ll have to write out the pronunciation of this game’s name at some point… But for now… It’s code-named NEA, The Never Ending Arena.

I’ll be working in Unity for it, and I’ve already bought a few assets to help assist me in my development goals, with plans to buy a few more in the coming weeks.

I have a road map some where of what I want to do with it, and such, but I feel I need to fine tune that a bit more, expand it possibly to fit in other options.

This is my first time building anything with Unity. I look forward to learning it, and developing this game, to my hearts content, progress may be slow, but I’m going to make sure its something that I can be fully proud of, and have it be something that I want to show off to any one willing to put up with me showing it to them.

Love you too, buddy!

function generator::structure::onAttacked(%attacked, %attacker){
    order($basl, attack, $playerId);
    if($generator.attackCount == 1)
        say(0,1,"This is Guard 1! We have an unexpected visitor. Time to put this one under the lava.");

For those that are unaware, my old online handle is darkflare000, or if permitted, simply darkflare. This was the thanks I got for helping a friend iron out some game glitchy codes. <3 to them!

Did you know? If you replace the letter W with T in the phrasing “What? Where? When?” you answer the question?

Pardus Tool Kit

I’ll be making a Pardus tool kit.

This toolkit will have a

  • building upgrades calculator for production, upgrades, and modules.
  • Building Max Capacity / Tick calculator. It will give you info on what maxes you should have for each item in order to fulfill full ticks.


Update Staff Post Listing


Welcome back!

We have a load of changes for you, the reader! For the potential player, staff member, and potential involved.

The Captain of Starbase 900 would like to step down. Meaning, we need a new Captain!

The Chief Engineer wishes to transfer to another starbase, so we need some one to step up!

The Chief Science Officer wants to change departments. Meaning we need a new experimenter in the lab!

Think you got what it takes? Think you know the position? Think you can handle it? Apply here:

IC Senior Staff Application

We also have a number of Staff positions open!

Are you a Reddit power user? How about Facebook? Got Discord power? Know Wikia?

We could use a helping hand with all of these platforms.

Know where to advertise for the game, where to find all the good RP’ers? We could use a recruiter!

Are you good at writing? Think you got mad pen skills? We want to challenge you!

Open staff positions: Builder&Coder, two Writers, Moderator Team, Social Media Administration / Moderation, and Game Recruiters. If you’re serious about it, join us in discord, and talk with us about how and why you should be made a team member today!

You can apply here:

OOC Staff Application

What  is expected of staff?

A single person may out for several roles at once. Don’t hesitate to admit you can’t handle something. I’d rather you decide to step down from a position you don’t favor then find out you’ve been struggling for some time. Like a single person may take charge of all of the social media, but decides Facebook is too much work in conjunction with Reddit and Twitter, but prefers Facebook, can let go of Twitter and Reddit.

I’d like a semi-formal division between Builder & Coder vs Rules & Mod teams. If only to keep the builders building, and the modders modding. Both Builder Team, and Moderator Team can have as many people as they wish. Moderation team should be kept to a respectable ratio to player base (Once up and running, and open for public play)

Writers keep players engaged. Idea on having three writers, (From **my** point of view.) is to have two main writers, and a tie break should there be a disagreement on something. How story flow should be, I’ll leave to writers… I can’t manage to write my own story in some decent flow style.

Recuiters I’d like to see a new ad or post on a weekly basis, maybe, depending on volume of places that can be advertised on. Active seeking of players would be the job.
Expectations of all* staff:

  • Respect towards other staff.
  • Respect to players.
  • A minimal weekly contribution to the community. IE:
    • Posts to social media
    • continuation of story
    • a newly built room | corrected code
    • new recruit ad.
    • Something!
  • To follow the same rules as non-staff.

Source: NewHopeMush
Update Staff Post Listing

Cardassian Union

The Cardassian Union has spoken with the three powers of the Alpha Quadrant and have managed to gain permission to join them on the station.

Things won’t be easy for members of the Union, as they attempt to once more take their proper position at the top of the food chain.

Source: NewHopeMush
Cardassian Union